Scope of Congress

Design and Construction
Furniture Design   
Furniture Endurance
Innovation at Furniture Design
Interior Design
Industrial Product Design
Ergonomy at Designing
Computer Assisted Design
Human Factor at Designing

Quality, Standard, Work Safety
Quality Control
Worker’s Health and Safety
Consumer Research

Lumber and Forestry Products
Material Technology
Wood Preservation Techniques
Accessory and Sub-industry Technology
Upper-Surface Operations on Furniture
Recent Tecnologies

Bussiness, Management and Marketing
Bussiness Management
Production Planning
Sectoral Structure at Furniture Industry
Machine Technology
Foreign Trade
Transportation and Freight Support
Furniture and Automatisation
Forest Industry Machines and  Bussiness Administration

University and Industry Relatios
University and Industry Cooperation
Vocational and Technical Education
Government Policy in Furniture Sector


Other Scopes

Forest Productions Chemistry
Environmental Risks and Evaluation
Building and Furniture Relation
Architectural Regulations and Furniture
Urban Design




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